If you’re a hifi and music freak then you probably know Roon. If not, check it out. If you do, and you’re using a Raspberry Pi as endpoint (running RoonBridge) then this is the place to be.

RoPieee provides a ready-to-go image that runs Roon Bridge (and other services) and enables your USB port for playing audio over an USB DAC. Without any intervention.

Furthermore RoPieee supports the well-known audio HAT’s and it can use the original 7" Raspberry Pi touchscreen for display and control purposes. Finally RoPieee also has support for RF-based remote controls like the OSMC Remote Control.

RoPieee has an elaborate update mechanism which makes sure your RoPieee is up-to-date. RoPieee will update in the background, without user intervention. This makes operating RoPieee as simple as possible. In the end we just want to enjoy our music…

As RoPieee is just a hobby project, donations are more then welcome.